Your Message Matters

The world is full of good ideas but ideas that can change the world – now those Ideas are huge. They span across the sky touching the tip of both dawn and dusk. The problem is that we don’t have all day to give our TEDx talk. We have 12-14 minutes if we want to hit the sweet spot but it’s better if you can make you point in 10.  This is why your core message is so vitally important – Your Message Matters. So what is the universal problem that your passion, your story and your message speaks to? When you are standing on the Red Dot you are problem solving some of humanities biggest challenges but remember some of these challenges are solved with small changes. This is where you and your idea come in. We know from endless quotes and real world examples that a small change can make a big difference. So I say to you, “Be the Change”, the stage is waiting. There has never been other time in history where a world stage has been so accessible to the ordinary person with an extraordinary idea. 

So, how do you know if your idea will make it to the Red Dot? This is where you need to ask yourself some difficult questions and demand honest answers from yourself about your CORE message.

Question #1 – Is my message Clear?

Do I have one clear, concise message that can be explained in 10 words or  less?  This is what’s referred to as your “Throughline” Chris Anderson, the head of TED, writes “ Since your goal is to construct something wondrous inside your listeners’ mind, you can think of the throughline as a strong cord or rope, onto which you will attach all the elements that are part of the idea you are building”.

Question #2 – Is my message Original?

You and your message are one and the same. Passion is something that is core to a persons self identity. And if you are passionate about your message it will be something that encompasses you as a person. Your unique lens on a solution to an existing problem we all face. We need multiple ways to solve a problem because not everyone sees things the same way. Has it ever happened to you? You know, when you have heard something a hundred times but then this one person says it to you in a different way and…You Get It! It all of a sudden makes sense to you in a way it never did before. You can be that person for someone in your audience.

Question #3 – Is my message Relatable?

If your message only matters to you or your company then its chances of changing the world have reduced dramatically…and your chances of getting noticed by a curator. If you don’t think about me, the audience, when crafting your message then all you are doing is making it all about you. Your audiences first question to themselves is, “why should I care?” and if you don’t give them a good reason…they won’t. 

Question #4 – Is my message Engaging?

Ask yourself, “What does engaging mean?”. Be clear on this concept because it will be the one that makes or breaks your connection to your audience and the curator reading your application. What captures attention? The unexpected. Through life we come to recognize patterns and expect them to occur – interrupt the pattern. Frame your message in a unique way that keeps the tension on your idea so your audience wants to hold onto it with two hands.

So, how do I know if my Idea will make it to the Red Dot?

Make sure your CORE Message is Clear, Original, Relatable, Engaging and you are off to a brilliant start to being able to answer that question. 

By: Tania Ehman. Lead Coach, TEDxRolandPark

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