The Roland Park Community is a special place.

The Roland Park community is a special place to me. I grew up spending much of my time here, as well as attending Roland Park Country School (RPCS), which is where TEDxRolandPark will be held this June. When I stepped foot into the Athletic Complex to meet with the TEDx team a few months ago, I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort. It was so pleasant to be back on campus. Although it had been years since I had been to RPCS, I was able to catch up with a couple of teachers and staff who were on campus that day. In my years attending RPCS, my peers and teachers taught me to value both education and confidence. 

In my exchanges with the TEDxRolandPark speakers so far, I can sense their wealth of knowledge and high levels of confidence that they radiate. I imagine that the speakers and many of the audience members share many of the same values with one another. I believe that those who attend TEDx events tend to appreciate a certain level of entertainment and education which are paired together.

Personally, I value my friends, my family, my privilege, and the experiences that I’ve had, but growing up, I was taught to appreciate education above all. I think of it like this: a person can rob you of your money or your material belongings, but they cannot rob you of your knowledge. They can take your books or your research journals, but they cannot take what you have learned or what you have experienced or the conversations you’ve had with the people who have taught you. Your cultivation is forever. 

I’m grateful to be a part of TEDxRolandPark this Summer. From a young age, I’ve volunteered at various organizations, ranging from St. Vincent De Paul in Baltimore, MD to America Reads in Geneva, NY. I’m excited to be volunteering at TEDxRolandPark as the Speaker Logistics Coordinator. It’s been a pleasure to communicate with the speakers as a liaison in order to execute a smooth TEDx event. I am thrilled to join you in the Sinex Theater on June 5, 2022 for TEDxRolandPark. 

By: Hannah Baron. Speaker Logistics Coordinator

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