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"Moving Humanity Forward"

Donna Andersen

Donna is the author of and eight books about spotting, escaping and recovering from sociopaths. She learned about sociopaths the hard way — by marrying one. Donna now teaches the world that millions of sociopaths live among us, they aren’t all serial killers, and we all need to protect ourselves.

Bryan Young

Bryan is an automotive designer and artist, a graduate of the prestigious College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan. Surviving multiple near-death experiences during his creative career provoked Bryan to examine the meaning of his life’s purpose. Deeper introspection of his own resiliency sparked renewed passion to expand his service work beyond the youth outreach he engaged in, to have a broader positive impact on humanity. Bryan believes in leading by example and serves his local community and travels the world on humanitarian trips assisting in rebuilding homes and structures, teaching art to young budding artists, and speaking publicly on resilience and purpose. Bryan is committed to volunteering with the Michigan Design Council, a youth mentorship program. When Bryan isn’t busy working, he loves hanging out with his blended family, improving his horrible dad jokes, and watching and sometimes attending Formula One races.

Mario Armstrong

Mario Armstrong

Mario Armstrong is a two time Emmy Award Winner, entrepreneur, creator of the Never Settle Show and an NBC TODAY show contributor. Mario creates content and programs to enable and support entrepreneurs and creators. He focuses on delivering tactical advice to inspire people to take action pursuing their personal and professional goals, dreams and passions. A Baltimore native who loves his family, sneakers and is a board member of the Baltimore School for the Arts.

Geri Kayingo

Geri Kayingo is a 9th grade student at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, Maryland, where she studies languages, humanities, and STEM disciplines. Growing up she enjoyed swimming, music and played the flute. Aside from writing, Geri is keen on leadership development, taking part in Model UN, and local societies at her school. She envisions a future where young people can play a more active role in shaping civic affairs, policy, and governance, while moving humanity forward. She believes that all art forms, from abstract to spoken word, can play a key role in this vision.

Johnson Chong

Johnson Chong is the best-selling and award-winning author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma. He is also a shaman and the founder of Sage Sapien Soul Academy where he trains aspiring meditation and breathwork teachers.

Catarina Rivera


Catarina is a dynamic public speaker, DEI consultant, and content creator. She works with companies to improve disability awareness, inclusion, and accessibility. As a disabled Latine woman, she is passionate about sharing her own unique story to help build a more inclusive world.

Jennifer Ward

Jenny Ward is an entrepreneur, professional storyteller, and career & transition coach focused on women’s empowerment in the corporate workplace and the world. With 15+ years of HR and executive recruitment experience, Jenny empowers women to tell their personal and professional stories to get the job they want and the money they deserve.

Zavanna Dova

Zavanna is a certified motivational speaker, life-coach, content creator, and chronic illness warrior. She started her career in the modeling and acting world, and her hard work and dedication led to her being featured in numerous movies, television shows, and print publications. Zavanna now works to help others succeed on their own journeys in business and in life.

Mark Martinkov

Mark Martinkov is a financial analyst focused on emerging technologies in the Aerospace and Defense sector. During his prior role at Microsoft, Mark experienced the power of digital innovation firsthand. He is interested in exploring the growth of the spatial web and its potential applications to both public and private sectors.

Aliza Friedlander

Aliza Friedlander is a former morning show producer, turned stay-at-home mom turned sought-after publicist, and media strategist. She is the founder of Freed Up Communications, a full-service communications agency working with industry-disrupting brands using storytelling to share a mission and message.